Tweaker Accessory Kit TPU

Camera Tilt, Bumper Guard, Landing Gear, and LED board mounts for your Tweaker including updated hardware

Which model tweaker do you have?


Please select the color you would like the parts printed in.


Upgrade all M3 hardware on this kit to Aluminum. (M2 hardware not upgraded)


Aluminum hardware for your motor.  Mounts on either 3mm or 4mm thick arms.

excluding shipping

This kit includes the following in your choice of color:

  • Camera tilt for 28mm board cameras in your choice of tilt angle with mounting hardware 
  • Front bumper guard
  • Landing Gear with longer bolts for motors
  • Rear LED board mount
  • Upgraded longer Black frame bolts for Tweaker
  • (option) Programmable, high intensity LED boards (NAZE32 or compatible flight controller with CleanFlight required)

All printed in TPU (rubberized plastic) to protect your frame and isolate the camera from motor vibrations.  

The camera mount in this kit ONLY supports 28mm board cameras.  It does NOT suppor the more common 32mm board cameras.  PLEASE measure your camera before ordering.  Measure the width of the board, NOT the spacing of the holes.

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