DronePlastic's Reaktor branded products

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HD Camera Mounting System

A custom GoPro Hero or Session camera mounting system for most racing quads. Printed in very soft NinjaFlex, these cases protect the cameras and provide a variety of tilt degrees without needing velcro straps to hold the cameras.

HD Camera Mounting System Base Only

A tilt base for the DronePlastics HD Camera Mounting System. Requires the case provided in the HD Camera Mounting System. You cannot attach camera without this case.

Reaktor 5 inch arm

Replacement Reaktor 5 inch arm (4mm carbon fiber)

Reaktor main plate

Replacement Reaktor main plate (2mm carbon fiber)

Reaktor prototype plates

Replacement Reaktor prototype plates (1 each) main plate(2mm carbon fiber), top plate (1.5mm carbon fiber). These plates were a pre-production design and are not as strong as the production parts, but can be had for a real value.

Reaktor top plate

Replacement Reaktor top plate (1.5mm carbon fiber)

RunCam Mount

A generic mount designed to attach your RunCam / Mobius style camera to a racing quad. Printed in extra soft NinjaFlex, this mount isolates the camera from vibrations in the frame.