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12mm spacer kit for ZMR250 Instructions


  •          M3 x 20mm bolts (20)
  •          M3 nuts (16)
  •          Arm Spacers (4)
  •          Short Bumper (1) or (2)
  •          Long Bumper (1) or (2)

(2 bumpers total)


  1.        Disassemble arms and bottom plate
  2.        Remove 4 outer (2 on each end) bolts on middle plate to 35mm standoffs (these will be replaced later)
  3.        Assemble each arm with spacer on top running any wires through the spacer.  Use M3 x 20mm bolts (16) and nuts (16) for this.
  4.        Using M3 x 20mm (4) bolt through bottom plate, bumper, middle plate, into 35mm standoffs on each end.  If you are using a PDB has LEDs on the front/rear, make sure and install the bumper in the correct orientation.  The top side has a gap for these LEDs.
  5.        If LEDs are provided, they are 12v LEDs.  They can be connected to your 3s LiPo.  4s LiPo’s will likely burn the LEDs out.


  1.        Use Blue Loctite on each bolt to prevent them from vibrating out.
  2.        If desired, install LED tape to front and back bumper.